Black Sai

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Sai (釵、さい)

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Many years ago, when I was only 19, I traveled to Agena Okinawa to visit Shimabukuro Tatsuo Sensei. Sensei sent me to an artisan's shop across the road. After examining my hands, he sent me away and three days later he had created a set of Sai crafted to fit my hands in the traditional way. It is this design of Sai that I make today.

Don Shapland, Chief Designer @ Kobudogu Inc.

The difference between the typical modern Sai and this design is the weight and balance. These Sai are provided sharpened and ready for practicing throws and striking the Makiwara as well as Kata.

Features / Options
Handle Colour OptionsRed, White, Black.
For availability of other colours please inquire.
Length / SizeCustom fit
Finish Sai are available in two finishes
  • Black
  • Polished
Weight Weight varies by size. However if you require 750 gram minimum weight for Okinawan Tournament rules, please specify during your order consultation.
Case (Optional)
  • Leather
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